Best Industries to Start a Business in 2020

by Sep 4, 2020Making Money

The year 2020 got stamped with the Coronavirus pandemic which changed and continues to change the types of businesses and jobs that are available, profitable, and those that might become redundant.

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To stay ahead and maximize the constantly evolving job sector, here are my top-rated, fastest-growing, and best industries to work in 2020!


Telecommuting Software Industry

Think off the top of your head, the name of the software most downloaded and used for work during this year, and ZOOM would come to mind. The changing dynamics of the job sector in recent times has put telecommuting software industries such as Zoom, Slack, and others, on the steady incline.

This industry is on the rise quickly as more people and jobs begin to embrace alternative means of organizing meetings, seminars, interviews, events, and so on.

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The consulting industry is one of the largest industries within professional services. It is an industry that cuts across all other industries, and consulting jobs are available in almost all kinds of work. From Entertainment to Agriculture, Finance to Real Estate, and all other businesses, consultancy services are employed to make the business sustainable, profitable, as well as to help it achieve the set goals.

Starting a consulting business is becoming easier in 2020 and beyond as more people work and make money from home without many costs.

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Not sure how to start? Try looking for freelance jobs and starting freelancing in your field first, then transition to becoming a consultant. You can also start a digital marketing agency or launch a blog on Facebook to document your journey!


This is an industry that has been around for a while and continues to expand in size. The industry takes advantage of the public’s general use of IT devices and high internet consumption, to facilitate trading easily and comfortably. Companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, Jumia, thrive in this industry, as well as a thousand other small scale retail stores that operate on social media channels like Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on.

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E-commerce is not limited to buying and selling goods, it also includes the selling of digital products including e-learning, which is a fast-rising sector as more people and schools are shifting from physical classrooms to online teaching. With the continuous rise in Internet dependency, coupled with the uncertainty of the year 2020, a lot of transactions are now being carried out online.

Tech Support

With everyone on their phones, laptops, and other technology products, there is a steady rise for jobs that offer tech help services such as coding, managing troubleshooting errors, website management, and so on. There is a demand for people to keep the world of technology running smoothly.


No matter what happens in any part or all around the world, food is a must-have. Therefore, the agricultural industry can never lack demand. There are many jobs to consider in this industry. There is the farming sector, the food processing sector, the packaging and distribution sector, and many more.


The entertainment industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Content ranging from sports to funny homemade videos are constantly consumed 24/7, every day. In this industry, there are many sectors to go into, from producing movies to providing a platform for watching movies, uploading random videos, writing blogs, and many more. Platforms like YouTube, which boast of having 2 billion users, allows people and businesses to make money off their video content. Likewise, social media channels have enabled users to earn money. The entertainment industry is a thriving industry that has come to stay.


Final Thoughts

There you have it – the best, fastest-growing industries to start a business in 2020! Let me know if you have anything outside this list!

The pandemic has afforded us a lot of spare time at home. Here are some ideas on how to spend that time at home: