14 Businesses That Can Make You A Billionaire

by Sep 22, 2020Making Money

Have you ever thought you could someday be a billionaire?

Well, I guess the first step is to look at other billionaires and see what got them to where they are!

To the average person, being a billionaire may seem like a far-fetched dream, but with discipline, smart work, and the ability to recognize opportunities when they come, being a billionaire becomes a possibility.

In today’s digital era, from zero to a billion is no longer a pipedream. Everybody wants to know how to make money fast.

Below are some businesses where such opportunities are available.

1. Investment

Investment is a business that can make you a billionaire by allowing you to buy into the future. Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim, and Len Blavatnik are some investors who are top billionaires in the world.

2. Real Estate

This sector is large and ranges from building and selling houses to flipping houses, to being landlords, to a whole other sub-sector. It is responsible for making over 30 billionaires in the world today.

3. Hedge Fund Management

Hedge fund managers make investment decisions for clients at a fee, and it is highly profitable when your investments are successful. Robert Ziff, John Paulson, are a few billionaires here.

4. Professional Entertainment

Casino owners, Hotel owners, Film producers, all these and more are in the entertainment sector. With the booming entertainment industry, it is no surprise it has made people into billionaires.

5. Apparel and Luxury Goods

This is a trillion-dollar global industry encompassing sportswear, beauty products, fashion designing, and many more. Currently, there are over 20 billionaires in this industry.

6. Internet/Tech

The world today is dependent on the internet and technology, and there are many ways to capitalize on it. Whether it’s products like Dell, software like Facebook, or codes like Oracle. Some of these billionaires ran consulting businesses in the tech space.

7. E-Commerce

E-commerce takes advantage of the highly globalized world by facilitating buying and selling between people in different parts of the world. The likes of Amazon and Alibaba easily come to mind.

8. Energy

No matter what business or sector you may operate in, it will involve the consumption of energy either as electricity, oil, gas, petrochemicals, and so on. This is so far an indispensable industry that has produced over 70 billionaires in the world.

9. Retail

While e-commerce is based on the internet, retail is more physical. It involves the selling of goods or services directly to the final consumer. Retail companies like Walmart are in this category.

10. Cryptocurrency

This is a relatively new industry built on blockchain technology. The mining and trading of Bitcoin, Binance, Ethereum, etc, are all in this category.

11. Industrial/Manufacturing

This encompasses both manufacturing and construction businesses. Some billionaires in this sector are Charles Koch, Julia Fresher Koch, Jim Ratcliffe, and Pallonji Mistry, to mention but a few.

12. Food and Beverage

The fact that food is necessary to live makes this business a highly profitable one. From manufacturing snacks to producing food coloring, this sector boasts of making many billionaires.

13. Media and Telecom

This includes owning or running publishing companies, mobile telecommunications, television networks, and all other forms of media.

14. Pharmaceuticals

This is a trillion-dollar industry involved in the discovery, development, production, and marketing of drugs for use. It has made billionaires like Zhong Huijuan, among others.


Final Thoughts

To be a billionaire, it all starts with an idea, a brilliant invention or innovation which identifies the needs of people or businesses, and provides solutions to it. It also involves finding better ways to do things. For instance, Google was an innovation that resulted in a billion-dollar business.

However, not everyone aspires to become a billionaire. There are definitely huge personal sacrifices en route to becoming a billionaire.

For many people, enjoying the freedom of life, and making good money on your own terms is a much better alternative. For example, freelancing, starting a blog, opening a digital marketing agency, or simply enjoying passive income from affiliate marketing.

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