The Ultimate List of 50 Crazy, Unique Startup Business Ideas 2024

by Apr 12, 2021Making Money

You’ve heard of the startup business ideas of yesteryears, but what about the crazy, unique ones for this year? Relax, take a deep breath, and don’t worry — we aren’t going to bite. We’re simply going to give you a list of truly unique business ideas that you can run with and use to start your own business. Remember that with the right idea, you don’t have to have a lot of money to start a business.

Startup businesses aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes, a new business is just an old idea with a new twist. So, where do you start if you’re looking for a business idea to launch? Start by brainstorming wild, crazy ideas that other people might consider “impossible.”

Go through the list and see if anything catches your eye. Or simply pick a number and go. Let’s roll.


  1. A company that sells tools to people who want to organize their personal lives.
  2. A marketplace for companies to temporarily rent out their excess warehouse space.
  3. A matchmaking service that helps people find a house to rent.
  4. A website and app that helps people find jobs, by showing them the ideal career option for their skills and interests and where they want to live.
  5. A platform that hosts meetups for cyclists.
  6. An online platform that allows people to let their friends, family or acquaintances know when they are going to travel abroad or to a high-crime area.
  7. A marketplace where anyone can sell ebooks.
  8. A way to help people find better insurance deals.
  9. A company that helps publishers handle the logistics of printing and shipping books, and that can be used to set prices based on distance.
  10. A platform that enables people to contribute to open source projects and get paid for it.
  11. A company that ships fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood to customers in big cities.
  12. A software that helps you find the most relevant information on the web, in real-time.
  13. A service for selling actionable first-hand advice and recommendations about products, services, or travel destinations.
  14. A platform that allows businesses with a more complex product to offer “Try before you buy” feature with 3D printing.
  15. A service that helps auto-mechanics find the right car parts for their customers.
  16. A marketplace for used goods from across the web, including cars, used electronics, and other products where condition is an important metric.
  17. A marketplace for freelancers, so that they can offer their services directly to consumers.
  18. An app that helps people find the cheapest deals for flights and hotels worldwide.
  19. A social network for travel enthusiasts that lets them keep track of their travel goals and makes it easy for them to find others to travel with.
  20. A company that sells coffee (or tea) subscription to regular customers, either online or in retail stores, or both. The company’s customer service personal makes the coffee in the customer’s home or office.
  21. A startup that makes potato chips in a factory and delivers them on demand, to reduce food waste and to help people avoid unhealthy fast foods.
  22. A service that makes it easy to order custom gifts from local businesses.
  23. A software that lets businesses send their employees to concentration course.  It’s like sending your employees to a seminar.
  24. An app that helps people find meaningful work.
  25. A marketplace for small and medium sized businesses to find and connect with freelance product and UI designers, web developers, and marketing specialists.
  26. A startup that helps users buying and selling bitcoin online.
  27. An app that helps people find great deals on packages and cruises.
  28. A marketplace for people to rent their vehicles out to others for a fee.
  29. A loan exchange where investors can lend money to small businesses and track their performance.
  30. Netflix for holiday shopping. People can create a wish list of gifts they want to receive. By getting someone to buy a gift off their wish list, people can earn points they can exchange for actual gifts.
  31. A marketplace that helps people rent high-end vehicles, including limos, sports cars, and motorbikes.
  32. A service that connects physicians to patients around the world and helps them make more money.
  33. A marketplace that connects companies with employees who want to work to startups.
  34. A way for people to have a matching service type of experience when searching for a roommate. The user would be matched with a potential roommate to live with and after a short trial period (one to one).
  35. A platform that helps people find convenient places to meet others.
  36. A startup that helps people find a home cleaner online.
  37. A marketplace where people can find other people to rent out their luxury apartments.
  38. A dating app for introverts.
  39. A way of delaying announcing a pregnancy and sharing the news with friends and family.
  40. A company that helps creative people focus on their work by designing their living spaces for them. For example, if a writer needs to spend most of their time on a computer, living in a studio apartment.
  41. A mobile video platform that allows businesses to make high quality training videos.
  42. A service similar to TaskRabbit, but in industries other than just cleaning.
  43. A fitness app that gamifies workouts.
  44. A way for people to create and share a before-and-after picture of how they’ve changed their diet to lose or gain some weight.
  45. A startup that connects bar tenders with people having a party at home. The bar tender arrives to the party with all the right ingredients to make drinks.
  46. A marketplace for virtual work, where small businesses can outsource small tasks to freelancers, at affordable price.
  47. A mobile app that helps people get fit by comparing their progress to their friends.
  48. A marketplace for the short-term rental of high-quality office spaces.
  49. A startup that helps people with disabilities to find housing.
  50. A digital agency that uses technology to help brands build their brand online.