Can You Make Money on Blogspot, Blogger or Any Free Website?

by Sep 28, 2020Blogging

What if you, like I was a poor student years ago, have absolutely ZERO money to spend on your new online business? Can you still make money on a free website?

After you create your blog on Blogger (previously Blogspot), you wonder – what’s next?

Can you make money off your blog on Blogspot or Blogger? Can you pull audiences to your blog? And convert these people to customers? Can you earn a sustainable income in blogging?

The answer to all these is a resounding YES!

The problem is not in creating the blog, because there are numerous platforms available for your blog hosting and some are even free.

The issue is converting your blog into a ‘cash-cow’ or an asset that will bring you income.

Just follow the guidelines below on how to start a blog.

If you have a few dollars per month to invest in a proper blog, I would highly recommend you check out: How to make money blogging for beginners.


Ways to make money on Blogspot or Blogger

Note that this is not an easy, get-rich-quickly scheme; it involves a bit of work, but the rewards are lasting and better.

Here are some great ways to make money online for beginners:

Affiliate marketing/selling for other people

You can make money by recommending products to your audience/followers by using your unique affiliate links. Whenever anyone clicks on your affiliate links, you instantly earn a referral commission from the product/service provider.

This is known as affiliate marketing.

There are huge lists of products you can promote from and a wide range from Amazon, Commission junction. Also, most blogging sites usually have special plugins to help with incorporating affiliate links.

You can also sell your own products by starting an online store, but you’ll have to deal with customers and orders.

Create restricted members content

You can offer premium and exclusive content on your blog such that your ardent readers/followers are willing to pay to access them. You have to create ‘deeper’ contents, where interested readers will pay a monthly/yearly subscription fee to get the contents.

Selling Google AdSense

How about getting paid for just placing an ad link on your website? Just visit Google sites, copy the ad script(s) and display them on your blog site.

Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to make money, even while you’re offline.

There are two ways this can happen;

CPC (cost-per-click): you get paid every time a customer clicks on the ad link.

CPM (Cost per thousand views): you are paid for every thousand impressions the ad gets on your website.

Get sponsorship for your blog posts

Having Ads on your blog can be annoying to your blog readers and can make them leave your blogs. A brilliant method is to write to companies in your niche, asking them to sponsor your posts. Of course, you’ll have to acknowledge those companies on your blog sites and post contents that help the company’s SEO.

Sell your website space to other brands

A better method to make money through your website is to sell ad space or advertise other products directly. If your blog usually gets lots of impressions and following, companies will begin to approach you for publicity and advert.

While in Google AdSense, your earnings are fixed and limited by selling ad space, you can change your rate.

Sell your products/services through your blogs

Your blog should be a big front for your business; use your blogs to promote your products or services online. This is especially important if you are starting a digital marketing agency or starting a consulting business.

You can gain more customers for your business by simply giving it the “online push”. Use your blog to engage people and subtly get reactions about your type of business and what consumers want.

Freelancers can also use Blogger to showcase their portfolios and the services they provide. (Read also: how to start freelancing with no experience.)

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In Summary

Although there are many limitations to using a free blog site like limited features/plugins, limited server resources, etc., don’t lose the chance to make some money out of your blog.

The main thing is drawing followers/traffic to your blog and captivating them each time they visit!