List of 1,000+ Niche or Micro Marketing Examples

by Jul 2, 2020Consulting Business

Niche or micro marketing is a term small businesses tend to come across a lot.

What exactly is niche or micro-marketing?

According to, it is defined as

the business of promoting and selling a product or service to a specialized segment of a market.

The advantages of niche marketing are many.

For example, it’s more cost-effective to target a particular segment of the market. It also makes your messaging more precise and relevant to your target audience. If you do affiliate marketing, the products you promote will be more relevant to your audience.

As a small business or entrepreneur, it also establishes you as a market leader in your chosen niche quickly, if nobody has taken that crown yet.

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What are some examples of niche or micro-markets?

Here’s a list of some niche or micro-markets that you may find useful. Note that these are mainly B2B or business niches.

You can take this niche marketing list, and refer to my checklist to start a consulting business, how to become a freelancer, and the best digital products to sell online. You may also find clients via these freelance websites.

For digital marketers, you can also start a digital marketing agency to help these businesses – a really good way to make money from home without any startup costs. You can even start a blog and learn how to make money fast. If you’re more into physical products, consider starting an online store from scratch, with no money down.

If you are a programmer, you can help these micro-markets in their programming work. (Read: How to start freelancing coding)

Finally, check out my 4-Hour Agency course to learn how to set up an agency that you can run on the side.


List of Niche or Micro Market Examples



Accounting firms
Alternative investment firms
Alternative lenders
Angel investment firms
Audit firms
Bankruptcy specialists
Bitcoin exchanges
Bitcoin influencers
Bitcoin traders
Bitcoin websites
Bookkeeping firms
Brokerage firms
Building societies
Central banks
Commercial banks
Commercial finance lenders
Commercial loan specialists
Cooperative banks
CPA firms
Credit card companies
Credit unions
Cryptocurrency exchanges
Cryptocurrency firms
Cryptocurrency specialists
Cryptocurrency traders
Cryptocurrency websites
Custody firms
Digital banks
Digital payment companies
Family trusts specialists
Financial advisory firms
Financial websites
Fintech startups
Foreign exchange traders
Forensic accounting firms
Full-service accounting firms
Hedge funds
Independent financial advisors
Insurance agents
Insurance brokers
Insurance companies
Insurance underwriters
Investment banks
Investment funds
Market makers
Mortgage loan specialists
Peer-to-peer lenders
Pension fund specialists
Personal finance apps
Personal finance bloggers
Personal finance influencers
Personal finance specialists
Private banking firms
Private equity firms
Public accounting firms
Reinsurance brokers
Remittance companies
Risk management firms
Small business lenders
Tax firms
Tax specialists
Trading firms
Venture capital firms
Wealth management firms
Wire transfer firms



Agriculture equipement rental companies
Agriculture equipment suppliers
Animal health specialists
Animal producers
Aquaculture companies
Beeswax processing companies
Bulk foodstuff wholesalers
Crop farmers
Crop protection specialists
Dairy farmers
Drainage equipment suppliers
Educational farmers
Field crop farmers
Firewood production companies
Fish farmers
Food safety specialists
Food security specialists
Forestry companies
Forestry equipment suppliers
Fruit canning companies
Fruit farmers
Honey production companies
Irrigation equipment suppliers
Livestock feed manufacturers
Meat packing companies
Meat processing companies
Meat product suppliers
Mushroom farmers
Nursery farmers
Nut processing companies
Organic farmers
Pet food production companies
Planting service providers
Potted plant retailers
Poultry farmers
Rabbit farmers
Rural infrastructure companies
Snail farmers
Soy production companies
Spice production companies
Sustainable farm consultants
Urban farmers
Vegetable farmers


Alternative Medicine

Ayurveda practitioners
Chakra healers
Chinese medicine practitioners
Energy healers
Feng shui practitioners
Homeopathy practitioners
Massage therapists
Meditation therapists
Naturopathy practitioners
Qigong practitioners
Yoga therapists


Business Administration

Benefits consultants
Business coaches
Business consultants
Business financial consultants
Business managers
Business marketing consultants
Business mentors
Business strategy consultants
Change management consultants
Compensation consultants
Customer service consultants
Digital strategy consultants
Fundraising consultants
Global strategy consultants
Human capital specialists
Human resource consultants
Human resource managers
Human resource specialists
Infrastructure consultants
Investment consultants
Leadership consultants
M&A consultants
Management consultants
Operations consultants
Payroll consultants
Payroll specialists
Political campaign consultants
Professional services consultants
Project managers
Public relations consultants
Recruitment consultants
Risk control specialists
Sales consultants
Secretarial services providers
Staffing consultants
Strategy managers
Technology consultants



Accessory designers
Accessory manufacturers
Accessory retailers
Accessory wholesalers
Apparel stores
Baby clothes manufacturers
Baby clothes retailers
Baby clothes wholesalers
Bag manufacturers
Bag retailers
Bag wholesalers
Bespoke tailors
Bridal wear manufacturers
Bridal wear retailers
Bridal wear tailors
Bridal wear wholesalers
Clothing franchisers
Clothing importers
Clothing manufacturers
Clothing retailers
Clothing wholesalers
Cosmetics manufacturers
Cosmetics retailers
Cosmetics wholesalers
Costume designers
Costume manufacturers
Costume rental companies
Costume wholesalers
Designer clothes rental companies
Fashion award organizers
Fashion bloggers
Fashion brand consultants
Fashion columnists
Fashion consultants
Fashion design schools
Fashion designers
Fashion event organizers
Fashion expo organizers
Fashion flea market owners
Fashion influencers
Fashion magazines
Fashion marketers
Fashion modeling agencies
Fashion models
Fashion podcasters
Fashion PR consultants
Fashion stores
Fashion talkshow hosts
Fashion tech startups
Fashion writers
Fashion YouTubers
Fast fashion retailers
Footwear designers
Footwear manufacturers
Footwear retailers
Footwear wholesalers
Hair salons
High end fashion retailers
Jewelry makers
Jewelry manufacturers
Jewelry retailers
Jewelry wholesalers
Kids’ apparel retailers
Lingerie manufacturers
Lingerie retailers
Lingerie wholesalers
Made-to-measure tailors
Makeover consultants
Makeup artists
Maternity wear designers
Maternity wear manufacturers
Maternity wear retailers
Men’s apparel retailers
Online boutique owners
Perfume manufacturers
Perfume retailers
Perfume wholesalers
Personalized tailors
Shoe repair specialists
Sportswear manufacturers
Sportswear retailers
Sportswear wholesalers
Sunglass manufacturers
Sunglass retailers
Sunglass wholesalers
T-shirt retailers
Textile retailers
Textile wholesalers
Watch manufacturers
Watch retailers
Watch wholesalers
Wedding gown rental companies
Women’s apparel retailers



Architecture firms
Building associations
Building equipment companies
Building materials companies
Building trade unions
Civil engineering companies
Commercial builders
Crane companies
General contractors
Industrial builders
Industrial infrastructural companies
Interior designers
Residential builders
Small renovation contractors



Dental anesthesiologists
Dental clinics
Emergency dentists
General dentists
Oral and maxillofacial surgeons
Oral healthcare specialists
Oral medicine specialists
Oral microbiologists
Oral pathologists
Oral surgeons
Prosthetic dentists
Restorative dentists
Specialist dental clinics
Special care dentists
Therapeutic dentists



Aliexpress dropshippers
Amazon sellers
B2B ecommerce specialists
B2C ecommerce specialists
Craigslist sellers
Digital product marketers
Digital product store owners
DIY craft sellers
Ebay dropshippers
Ebay sellers
Ebook sellers
Ecommerce affiliate marketers
Ecommerce bloggers
Ecommerce business coaches
Ecommerce consultants
Ecommerce influencers
Ecommerce marketers
Ecommerce social media specialists
Ecommerce specialists
Ecommerce store owners
Ecommerce subscription specialists
Ecommerce trainers
High ticket dropshippers
Magento designers
Magento developers
Private label companies
Product researchers
Product sourcing specialists
Shopify app creators
Shopify app marketers
Shopify developers
Shopify store designers
Shopify store owners
White label companies
Wholesaling companies
Woocommerce developers
Woocommerce plugin developers
Woocommerce store designers
Woocommerce store marketers
Woocommerce store owners



Adult educators
CFA prep schools
Course providers
Educational app developers
Educational apps
Educational software providers
Educational tech startups
Educational websites
Exam prep schools
GMAT prep schools
High schools
Online course platforms
Online course providers
Pre-school teachers
Private tutors
Professional course providers
SAT prep schools
Talent development schools
Teacher unions
Test prep companies
Testing companies
Training organizations
Vocational schools



Ashtanga yoga instructors
Athletes’ performance specialists
Bikram yoga instructors
Bodybuilding trainers
BodyCombat instructors
Boot camp instructors
Cardio studios
Corporate fitness firms
Crossfit gyms
Cycling studios
Fitness apps
Fitness bloggers
Fitness chains
Fitness dance instructors
Fitness influencers
Group exercise instructors
Gym franchise companies
Gym instructors
Hatha yoga instructors
Health clubs
Hot yoga studios
Iyengar yoga instructors
Jujitsu studios
Karate trainers
Kung fu trainers
Martial arts trainers
Mobile personal trainers
Muay tai instructors
Personal gym trainers
Personal training apps
Power yoga instructors
Running clubs
Sivananda yoga instructors
Sports clubs
Taekwondo trainers
Tai chi instructors
Vinyasa yoga instructors
Wearable tech firms
Weight gain trainers
Weight loss trainers
Wellness specialists
Yin yoga instructors
Yoga class instructors
Yoga studios


Food & Beverage

Airline food caterers
Alcoholic beverage suppliers
American diners
BBQ restaurants
Beer retailers
Beer wholesalers
Beverage suppliers
Beverage wholesalers
Brasseries and bistros
Buffet caterers
Buffet restaurants
Casual dining restaurants
Centralized kitchens
Chocolate wholesalers
Coffee houses
Coffee roasters
Coffee wholesalers
Culinary nutritionists
Culinary schools
Dining cars
Ethnic restaurants
Fast casual restaurants
Fast food companies
Fine dining restaurants
Food bloggers
Food caterers
Food delivery companies
Food influencers
Food media specialists
Food purchasers
Food sourcers
Food stylists
Food trucks
Food websites
Food writers
Football bars
Hotpot restaurants
Ice-cream parlors
In-house caterers
Italian restaurants
Japanese restaurants
Pastry artists
Premium casual restaurants
R&D kitchens
Salad bars
Sandwich bars
Seafood restaurants
Spanish restaurants
Specialty food retailers
Takeaway caterers
Tea houses
Tea wholesalers
Teppanyaki restaurants
Themed restaurants
Wholesale food distributors
Wholesale food suppliers
Wine retailers
Wine wholesalers


Graphics & Design

3D modelers
3D product designers
Banner ad designers
Brand style guide designers
Business card designers
Car wrap companies
Caricature artists
Cartoon designers
Catalog designers
Character modelers
Comic artists
Cover art designers
Flyer designers
Game designers
Infographic designers
Interior designers
Invitation designers
Landscape designers
Logo designers
Menu designers
Merchandise designers
Packaging designers
Photoshop editors
Postcard designers
Presentation designers
Social media designers
Stationery designers
Storyboard designers
T-shirt designers
Tattoo designers



Aesthetic clinics
Aesthetic doctors
Cardiac surgeons
Emergency hospitals
General physicians
General surgeons
General practitioners
Health equipment suppliers
Health product suppliers
Health/medical bloggers
Health/medical websites
Health screening clinics
Home nursing caregivers
Infectious disease doctors
Medical equipment suppliers
Nursing care facilities
Nursing homes
Occupational health therapists
Orthopedic surgeons
Pharmaceutical suppliers
Plastic surgeons
Speech therapists
Surgical clinics
Weight loss experts


IT Services

AI developers
AI specialists
Analytics specialists
App developers
Application developers
AWS specialists
Business automation specialists
Cloud computing specialists
Communications specialists
Computer accessory retailers
Computer manufacturers
Computer part manufacturers
Computer part retailers
Computer repair specialists
Computer retailers
Computer wholesalers
Cyber security specialists
Data analysts
Data storage specialists
Data synchronization specailists
Database administrators
Database management specialists
Domain registrars
Game developers
Game UI/UX designers
Hardware retailers
Hosting companies
Information security specialists
Internet of things specialists
Internet service providers
IT accessory resellers
IT accessory retailers
IT consultants
IT monitoring specialists
IT networking specialists
IT outsourcers
IT procurement companies
IT staffing specialists
Managed service providers
Mobile network providers
Mobile phone accessory retailers
Mobile phone retailers
Mobile platform developers
Mobile repair specialists
Network administrators
Network infrastructure specailists
Process automation specialists
Robotics developers
Salesforce developers
SAP specialists
Server administrators
Server administrators
Software developers
Software support specialists
Technical support specialists
Transaction processing specialists
VoIP service providers
Workflow specialists



Civil law firms
Commercial law firms
Conveyancing law firms
Corporate law firms
Corporate real estate law firms
Criminal law firms
Digital media/internet law firms
Divorce law firms
Entertainment law firms
Environmental law firms
Estate planning law firms
Family law firms
Financial law firms
Health law firms
Immigration law firms
Insurance law firms
Intellectual property law firms
International law firms
Labor law firms
Large law firms
Litigation law firms
Military law firms
Niche area law firms
Personal injury law firms
Securities law firms
Small law firms
Solo law firms
Tax law firms
Transactional law firms


Media, Sound, Video & Photography


3D product animators
Advertising firms
Animated GIFs editors
Animation specialists
Animation videographers
Apparel designers
Arts events organizers
Arts schools
Audio production companies
Book publishers
Cable TV distributors
Cable TV producers
Character animators
Comics artists
Corporate photographers
Event photographers
Event videographers
Film producers
Film production
Freelance videographers
Game animators
Graphic designers
Intro/outro animators
Jewelry designers
Landscape photographers
Live action explainer specialists
Local photographers
Logo animators
Logo designers
Magazine publishers
Media educators
Media on demand companies
Movie producers
Music schools
Music video producers
Music videographers
Newspaper publishers
Photography schools
Podcast specialists
Portrait photographers
Product photographers
Product video specialists
Public relations firms
Radio stations
Record companies
Satellite TV distributors
Satellite TV producers
Screencasting video editors
Short film producers
Slideshow video editors
Spokesperson video editors
Subtitle/captions editors
T-shirt designers
Theatre production companies
TV advertising producers
TV stations
Video ad editors
Video content creators
Video creators
Video editors
Video game companies
Video producers
Video production companies
Videography schools
Visual arts schools
Visual effects specialists
Wedding photographers
Wedding videographers
Whiteboard explainer specialists


Natural Resources

Biomass companies
Chemical equipment suppliers
Chemical manufacturers
Chemical processing companies
Coal companies
Forest product manufacturers
Forest product suppliers
Gas pipe suppliers
International oil companies
Logging, timber & paper mills
Metal suppliers
Mining companies
Natural gas companies
Oil companies
Oil engineering consulting firms
Oil rig suppliers
Oil service companies
Paper product suppliers
Renewable energy companies
Solar energy companies
Wind energy companies


Online Businesses

Advertising consultants
Affiliate marketers
App designers
App developers
Business portals
Conversion rate optimization specialists
Digital agency owners
Digital marketers
Digital marketing consultants
Digital signage specialists
Display ad specialists
Domain resellers
Domain traders
Email marketing specialists
Facebook advertising specialists
Facebook influencers
Facebook marketers
Google advertising specialists
Growth hacking specialists
Growth marketers
Instagram advertising specialists
Instagram influencers
Instagram marketers
Lead generation specialists
Link builders
Mobile ad specialists
Native ad specialists
Off-page SEO specialists
On-page SEO specialists
Online business coaches
Online business managers
Online consultants
Online course instructors
Online directories
Online freelancers
Online PR specialists
Online researchers
Online sponsorship specialists
Online tutors
Paid advertising specialists
Pinterest advertising specialists
Pinterest marketers
SAAS business owners
SAAS developers
Search engine marketers
Search engine optimization specialists
SEO consultants
Snapchat advertising specialists
Snapchat influencers
Snapchat marketers
Social media consultants
Social media influencers
Social media managers
Social media marketers
Theme designers
Theme developers
Tiktok influencers
Tiktok marketers
Udemy course instructors
UI/UX designers
Viral marketers
Virtual assistants
Web designers
Web developers
Web services developers
WordPress plugin developers
WordPress theme creators
WordPress theme designers
WordPress theme developers
Youtube influencers


Public Service

Aviation offices
Government offices
Human rights activists
Industrial unions
Public service offices
Social service offices
Union offices
Women’s rights activists


Real Estate

Apartment real estate developers
Apartment realtors
Commercial real estate developers
Commercial realtors
Condo realtors
Foreclosure specialists
Hotel real estate developers
Industrial real estate developers
Industrial realtors
International real estate brokers
Luxury home realtors
Medical realtors
Mobile home realtors
Multifamily realtors
Office real estate developers
Office realtors
Real estate agencies
Real estate brokers
Real estate builders
Real estate consultancies
Real estate developers
Real estate funds
Real estate investment trusts
Real estate management firms
Real estate private equity firms
Real estate trusts
Rental realtors
Retail store realtors
Short-term rental realtors
Student rental realtors
Townhouse realtors
Vacation rental realtors



Anglican churches
Atheists organizations
Buddhist temples
Catholic churches
Eastern orthodoxy churches
Freethinker organizations
Hindu temples
Islamic mosques
Judaism temples
Mahayana Buddhist temples
Non-profit religious organizations
Non-trinitarian restoration churches
Oriental churches
Protestant churches
Religious institutions
Religious volunteer organizations
Shia Islamic mosques
Sikh temples
Sunni Islamic mosques
Taoists temples
Theravada Buddhist temples
Vajrayana Buddhist temples



Mobile phone accessory suppliers
Mobile phone makers
Mobile phone repair companies
Mobile phone suppliers
Telecom equipment companies
Telecom operators
Telecom services companies
Telephone companies



Aerospace contractors
Air cargo companies
Air transport unions
Airport transfer companies
Auto dealers
Auto manufacturers
Auto repair companies
Aviation specialists
Bicycle rental companies
Bicycle sharing companies
Boat rental companies
Car dealers
Car importers
Car manufacturers
Car rental companies
Courier service companies
Defense contractors
Driving schools
Ferry service companies
Food delivery companies
Freight forwarding companies
Helicopter rental companies
Limousine service companies
Livestock transportation companies
Marine shipping companies
Marine transport
Medical transport companies
Minibus rental companies
Moving van companies
Personal mobility device manufacturers
Personal mobility device retailers
Personal mobility device wholesalers
Private jet rental companies
Rail companies
Ride sharing companies
Road maintenance companies
Scooter rental companies
Sea cargo companies
Sea transport
Shipping companies
Specialty transportation companies
Taxi companies
Tire repair companies
Transportation unions
Trucking companies
Used car dealers
Valet parking companies
Vehicle towing companies
Yacht rental companies



Adventure travel agencies
Airbnb operators
Aircraft manufacturers
Aircraft websites
Airlines booking developers
Airlines booking websites
Airline lounges
Airlines websites
Airport hotels
Airport lounges
Boutique hotels
Budget airlines
Business travel agencies
Caribbean travel agencies
Cruise ship companies
Full-service airlines
Honeymoon travel agencies
Hotel concierge services
Inbound Tour Operators
Independent travel agents
Land tour agencies
Medical travel agencies
Online travel agencies
Serviced apartments
Spiritual travel agencies
Sports travel agencies
Tour guides
Tour package resellers
Tourism boards
Tourism offices
Tourism promoters
Travel agencies
Travel bloggers
Travel influencers
Travel websites
Visitor information centers



Electric cooperatives
Electricity providers
Gas services companies
Hydraulic power companies
Investor-owned utility companies
Natural gas companies
Power plants
Publicly owned utility companies
Recycling companies
Road works companies
Sewage disposal companies
Sewage treatment plants
Smart meter suppliers
Solar panel manufacturers
Solar panel suppliers
Steam companies
Trash collectors
Utility funds
Utility regulators
Waste management companies
Water desalination plants
Water filtration companies
Water services companies



Ad copywriters
Amazon book authors
Article writers
Blog writers
Book authors
Business name writers
Business writers
Content writers
Cover letter writers
Email copywriters
Legal writers
LinkedIn profile writers
Podcast writers
Press release writers
Resume writers
Sales copywriters
SEO writers
Slogan writers
Social media content writers
Summary writers
Technical writers
UX writers
White paper writers