6 Online Home Businesses That Make Money Right Away

by Sep 22, 2020Making Money

If you are like me, I want online businesses that make money right away.

Not 1 year from now. Not 6 months. Not even 1 month from now.

I want to make money NOW. Even before I’m ready.

Because it’s a critical proof of concept. That my business is valid. That someone is willing to pay me money for what I’m offering.

Now, here’s a list of online home businesses that can make you money right away – immediately.

1. Consulting

The consulting business capitalizes on the accepted reality that everyone wants to make money. So why not make money by helping others make money? And since there will always be people looking for money, you will never run out of customers. sweet right!

Being a consultant entails giving expert advice and guiding people or businesses on how to get what they want. As a consultant, you can work anywhere your expertise is needed, and you can start with whatever resources you have available. The most important resource is your brain.

If you have some skills in digital marketing, you may want to consider setting up your own digital marketing agency.

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2. Freelancing

Probably the fastest way to make immediate earnings is by starting to do freelance work. With the world globally-connected, you can offer your services to people, businesses, even those in a completely different continent for a fee.

Every business in the world needs some help one way or another. As long as you have a skill, you can use it to earn money on freelancing websites from the comfort of your room.

Freelancing is one of the best ways to learn how to make money online for beginners!

3. eCommerce

Gone are the days when you could only buy items from physical stores. Over the past few years, we have watched as stores sprung up on websites and social media platforms. And now, they have become even more necessary.

The good thing about starting an online e-commerce store is that you only need your laptop/phone, internet connection, and of course, the product you want to sell. Take great pictures of your product, post them online, and make your money.

4. Dropshipping

So you’re excited to start selling products online, you have your laptop/phone ready, your internet connection ready, then realization dawns on you that you have no items to sell. This you? Well, before you get discouraged, there’s a business called drop shipping which involves creating a store where you can sell other people’s products for them and get a cut of the profit. Think of it as being a middleman, where you don’t need to buy the product before selling. Also, since you can run this business from your home, you may not need to have a business license to operate.

5. Online Courses/Education

The vast majority of the human populace loves learning new things and gaining new knowledge. But even if they don’t, education is more or less a requirement so you will always have people looking for simplified teachings on diverse subjects. And since the world is globally connected thanks to the internet, there may be things you have great knowledge about which some people don’t have, and are willing to pay to learn it. Creating online courses is a proven quick way to earn money and all you need do is share your knowledge.

6. Virtual Tutoring

This business entails you teaching someone or a group of people, over the internet for a fee. It may be academic-based, how to speak a different language, or even how to play the guitar. Some platforms link you up with learners, or you can locally advertise your services and use any communicating media of choice, even a WhatsApp video call. Given that a lot of students are out of schools due to the Coronavirus, this is a very timely business.


Final Thoughts

Although the above are great ways to start making money online right away, it’s always good to plant some seeds for the long term to enjoy more passive sources of income.

For this, you may want to check out how to make money blogging for beginners. Blogging gives you a great platform where organic traffic can find you. To monetize your blog, you can read more on how to start affiliate marketing.