7 Types of Websites That Make Money

by Sep 18, 2020Making Money

How to make money by making websites? What types of websites make money? How to make money online for free? How to earn money without any money?

If I wanted to create a website today, I want to make sure my website is going to make money some time down the road.

Whatever your circumstances and goals are, consider the option of developing and using a free or cheap website that will help you make money in the long run. Even if you are just starting to freelance, it pays to start your own web presence that you can monetize later on.

There are many options that you can choose from that will actually earn you some cash once you get them up and going, and a lot of them are easier than you’d think! Take a look.

1. Professional Services Websites

If you’ve got experience in any kind of professional experience, you can either consider hosting your own website where you offer your professional services at a price to people, or you can look at a freelance platform instead to offer it through a third party.

The goal here is to choose services in which you can offer professionalism from the beginning so that people know to come to you for that professionalism. Selling a service is one of the best businesses that make money right away.

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As an example, you could launch a website and start a digital marketing agency. Or you could start a consulting business, using our starting a consulting business checklist. These are just some examples of niche marketing.

2. Blogs

While there are a lot of blogs online already, there are always advertisers looking for space. Get a blog up and running and then advertisers will pay you to put their ads up for others to see when they come to your website. This can earn you quite a bit once you’ve got that presence and it’s also passive income.

There are many popular personal blogs that grew to become huge companies. Whoever says that blogging is just a hobby?

Not sure how to set up a website? Maybe you can start off with starting a blog on Facebook and earn money.

3. Niche Affiliate Websites

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend certain brands and/or products by talking about them and sharing content on them. When readers use a link to buy those products from the producers, you earn a commission each time.

This is great if you love the idea of working within a niche and recommending the right products. There are clear advantages of segmenting the market when you focus on solving problems within a specific niche.

4. eCommerce Websites

Selling things either through dropshipping or that you’ve made is always going to earn you some cash. This is especially if you do it well and people are hunting for it! Get out that sewing machine…

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eCommerce is one of the best industries to start a business in 2020, and need not be only limited to physical products. You could also create your own digital products to sell online.

5. Coupon Websites

People love a good deal and will be looking for a website dedicated to sharing real, usable, and valuable coupons for online and in-person sores. Be that source and focus on offering only the best coupons that aren’t scams or a waste of time.

6. Job Boards

Hunting for jobs is common in those across many age brackets. If you want to help in that by showing people where to look, start with a job hosting board.

Not only will you be able to be a helpful source for anyone hunting with targeted keywords or other criteria, but you can also partner with industries and ads that focus on the things that matter most to you. This can be a niche thing (e.g. freelance beginner programming jobs or jobs that require travel and pay well) or you can look at just offer general job boards.

With ready templates available, setting up a job board has never been easier. You can model your job board using our list of online jobs websites.

7. News and General Interest Websites

If you want to distinguish yourself with reporting or writing skills, you can look at the idea of making yourself sort of like the online town crier. You will be responsible for making sure that you share general intent and news that could be local or worldwide and allow readers to filter based on what they want to see and learn about daily through newsletters or even push updates.

Well, there you have it – types of websites that can make money!

Don’t look down on a small website though. A website with enough nurturing and growth can become a huge company in years to come! In fact, online media or tech is one of the proven businesses that can make you a billionaire!