What is WIX Used For?

by Sep 28, 2020Web Hosting

I remember creating my first website back in 1997 – on a web host called GeoCities. (Oops did I just revealed how OLD I am.. ?)

But it was actually quite fun. I had to learn HTML! However, the result came up to something like this.

Fast forward to today.

We have something called WIX.

WIX makes it a breeze to create stunningly beautiful websites, in a matter of minutes. Like this one.

With WIX, you can create different types of websites, using a library of templates. And for a variety of different purposes like small businesses, cafes, hotels, travel, and photography.

There are thousands of templates available for you to create a website on WIX. The purpose of your website should help you to choose the template you want for the website.

What is WIX used for?

Business and services portfolio

There are numerous templates to choose from when building a website for business, and there are many more examples of business websites online. Business website forms a large portion of websites that are created by WIX.

Your business could be ranging from the handyman services to marketing, Real Estate, Law, and finance.

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Other features of this service include subscription plans, appointments, and bookings. WIX is often used by freelancers too (see also: how to start freelancing with no experience) and consultants (see also: how to start a consulting business).

Ecommerce/online stores

WIX features a better way to launch your product/s online with an online store and start making money online. Online marketing is growing daily because most brands are moving massively to more effective digital stores.

Ecommerce is boundless, and you can display wares larger and more diverse than a brick and mortar store. You can also provide more incentives like promotional codes, shipping discounts, and others. Besides, it is easier to manage online stores through mobile devices.

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Blog sites

If you need a website for blogging, there is hardly any better than WIX; there are more than enough features that will make your blog outlook great.

Blogs created with WIX allow you to both arrange the structure of your blog posts and separate them into categories. WIX also enables you to create search bars and add attractive, inviting sections. Blogging with WIX will make blogging easier for both you and your audience.

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Personal websites

You can create personal websites for events like weddings, displaying your CV, or creating info about an event. Also, if you are in a creative field like photography, painting, or interior décor, WIX is great for hosting the website.

Online bookings

Creating online schedules and bookings with WIX is easy; it saves you the stress of sending multiple and manual invites. You can also make online bookings that are easier to access and fill up by your clients while being able to manage other aspects of the business.

This option has features like; enabling both online and offline payments, syncing the information with Google calendar, offering a discount coupon, and so on.

Landing pages

You should create a landing page that gives as much information as possible about your ad, and your best bet is WIX.

There are lots of customizable templates available for you to create your landing pages with WIX builder; you will have a lot of freedom picking themes, placing your logo, choosing colors, and all that. Your landing pages always look great with WIX.

You can even start a digital marketing agency by helping businesses create landing pages on WIX.

In conclusion, WIX has numerous services for most of your online needs, and they offer the best website building platform. They have thousands of templates that cater to the vast purposes of the websites you want.