Why Is SiteGround So Expensive?

by Sep 28, 2020Web Hosting

I have personally used many web hosting companies. Most of them SUCK.

Breaking up with a web host is difficult and messy.

Therefore, a break up is always my last resort. I usually broke up with these web hosts when one of these happen:

  • My websites became slower and slower, as the shared server became more and more overloaded with clients
  • There’s a critical issue with my web hosting, and I couldn’t find the hosting support.

Hence, I have been really careful with my choice of web hosts now.

If there is any worthy hosting site out there that I truly highly recommend, it’s SiteGround, hands down. Even though it is more expensive than its closest competitor, Bluehost.

As highly rated as their service is, some people find their services expensive. Yes, they are slightly pricer than the average web hosting service.

But that’s because they are NOT average. In fact, SiteGround IS a premium web hosting service, and here is why.

SiteGround offers you above industry-standard up-time

Low/Poor up-time for your website affects its performance and reputations; you lose a lot of traffic to your website if it keeps crashing down/coming down with issues always. SiteGround stands head and shoulder above its competitors in the uptime efficiency of their websites.

Most of the ‘solid’ websites that use SiteGround for their web hosting, use their services to prevent complex issues with website uptime.

For bloggers, you want to focus on starting a blog and launching your affiliate marketing business, instead of fire fighting over server uptime issues.

Uses the best and ultra-modern devices available

A hosting site that upgrades all its hardware to the most modern equipment available like SiteGround will hardly go wrong. A tour of their facilities will show you how they have replaced old equipment, some of which are the upgrading of their:

  • DD storage drives to SSD panels
  • Upgrades on their CDNs
  • Updating of their NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP 7 Softwares

Quick and multi-lingual response time

You don’t realize the value of good customer service until you need one. While this might account less for why SiteGround is expensive, SiteGround hosting service has a speedy response team on the ground to help their clients with resolving any issues (which is rare).

Although they are a non-English speaking country, they still offer customer service in English and a couple of other languages.

Quick customer support is especially important for high-traffic, critical businesses like e-commerce stores.

SiteGround invests highly in non-central data centers

Websites respond faster if there are multi-data centers because the distance from the datacenter and visitors’ location can affect the speed of the website.

SiteGround has 4 data centers in strategic places on the earth (U.S, Netherlands, U.K, and Singapore). Other web hosting sites only have a unitary data center, which makes their websites slower to load.

If you are starting a digital marketing agency locally, be sure to choose a location closest to your market.

They have imperviable security systems

Your website security is of grave importance, and to prevent cyber-attacks and malicious activities from your website, you need to host it on a very secure server. With advanced special features like ‘Account Isolation,’ SiteGround will unlink websites on their servers in the event of a security breach on another of the websites hosted; this helps to curb the spread of the attack.

Constant and meticulous maintenance

SiteGround invests a lot of its resource and machine (bot) power to consistently monitor and maintain all websites on their server, such work! They even have super bots that process as much as 500,000-2 000 000 malware attempts before they reach your websites.

SiteGround hosting always goes the extra mile for their clients; they offer other free features like backups, free SSL with every web hosting account, and even free site migration.

These, and its unbeatable network and service makes it the top choice for website owners. In the long run, you’ll come to realize that SiteGround was the most cost-effective option. As a business owner, you can fully focus on making money online instead of on the technical aspects of your web hosting.

If you prefer something even cheaper, another great to consider is Bluehost web hosting. Not many bells and whistles like Siteground, but super easy to use and perfect for beginners (e.g. one-click WordPress installation, etc.) and freelancers who are just learning how to start freelancing or starting a consulting business.

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